5 Straightforward Citrine Cathedral Geodes Care Tips


Do you believe in the optimism and positivity associated with citrine cathedral geodes? Whether for spiritual reasons or not, the cheerful color of the gorgeous citrine can transform your home décor. It can stand out as a focal point or blend and complement the rest of your décor. After you’ve found a perfect match for your space, you need to keep it in top shape. Citrine cathedral care is not overwhelming. Among the simple measures that can help you preserve the beautiful and unique features of the citrine geode includes the following:

The placement

You may be tempted to place the citrine cathedral in spaces close to the window where more natural light hits to make it the focal point. While that can give the room an uplifting aesthetic impact, that’s not recommended. Exposure to direct sunlight for an extended period can lead to fading and discoloration of the citrine geode. Besides light, you should keep the geodes away from high-humidity areas like close to AC vents or near a heat source. Light, temperature fluctuations, and high humidity can damage the geodes. A strategic positioning away from such elements keeps the citrine geodes in striking condition for an extended period.


Keeping the geode clean is essential since debris build-up can dull its shine. After some time without cleaning the geode, you may be tempted to grab some cleaning agents and thoroughly scrub those stubborn stains. Such an approach can do more harm than good. You should regularly clean the citrine geode with a paintbrush or toothbrush. Gentle brushes will do the trick to keep dust and debris away. If you must do more, use mild soap and water and thoroughly rinse and dry the geodes.


Gentle is the best way to handle the geode and avoid chipping or accidental damage. You should also ensure your hands are clean or wear gloves. This is to ensure you don’t create room for dirt and oils to accumulate on the surface, which can lead to its dulling. Where you display the geode also counts as you weigh how to handle the precious addition. Pick a stable base or stand for the display. This will help avoid accidental tipping, which can result in damage. It also helps if you place it on a soft surface like padding to protect the citrine cathedral and the display surface.


You may want to store the geodes, such as when renovating your property. You must remember the common elements that can damage citrine as you pick an ideal storage space. For instance, you may think of the basement or attic, but such spaces may not be the most favorable. This is considering the rapid temperature and humidity fluctuations which can accelerate the geodes deterioration. Store the citrine in a well-protected area since it is sensitive to various factors. Besides the storage area, also consider its placement. You don’t want the geode under pressure since it could be scratched or chipped. Ensure it has sufficient space, especially when stacked with other hard items.


Are you among those who believe in citrine’s energy absorption? If so, routine energetic cleansing can help you care best for the geode. If you believe that the geode holds and absorbs energy, it is a good idea to cleanse it over time to keep its spiritual impact at its best. Simple measures like placing the geode under running water can suffice. You could even bury it briefly or smudge the geode with sage. Spiritual cleansing is as important as physical cleanliness, considering its impacts on your positivity and optimism.

Regardless of your style and taste, citrine cathedral geodes can offer a lot and seamlessly fit in modern, contemporary, or minimalistic spaces. Citrine cathedral aesthetic appeal can transform any room into a more calming and vibrant space. The geode is robust and can be passed down generations well cared for. The geode doesn’t require investing in pricey equipment to keep it in good shape. You can place it in display cabinets or anywhere in the house that doesn’t expose it to direct sunlight, or that is damp. Routine brushes with a soft brush could be all you need to keep your prized possession at its best for years.

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